7 Days, 7 Pounds Weight-loss programme Up to 80% off - The New 5:2 Diet Recipes

7 Days, 7 Pounds Weight-loss programme Up to 80% off

7 Days, 7 Pounds Weight-loss programme Up to 80%…

With Jacqueline Whitehart, healthy eating and diet expert

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Do you want to lose 7 pounds in 7 days? With Jacqueline’s clever ‘3 meals a day’ programme you can lose up to 7 pounds safely and healthily in just 7 days.

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“A whole new approach to dieting. It’s delicious, easy-to-follow and truly works. Thank you so much Jacqueline.”

Judy, March 2016



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7 Days, 7 Pounds is an eating plan not a diet – and if you follow the plan it works. I can’t recommend it enough – it’s helped me lose an amazing amount of weight and put me on the path to losing more. Jacqueline definitely knows her stuff; the recipes are easy to make and really tasty. She is supportive and encouraging every step of the way. Thanks Jacqueline.”

Ali, April 2016


Do you want to lose up to 7 pounds in just one week? This proven program is easy-to-follow (and stick to) and gets great results.


What’s included:

  • Full 7 day food plan;
  • Simple & delicious recipes;
  • Shopping list;
  • Vegetarian & coeliac options
  • Email consultation with Jacqueline (TAILORED AND PREMIUM)
  • Personalised target weight-loss (TAILORED AND PREMIUM)
  • Facebook support group (TAILORED AND PREMIUM)
  • Direct support from Jacqueline throughout (PREMIUM ONLY)

There will be a simple food and recipe plan to follow. Each day is nutritionally balanced to give you a large a range as possible of quality foodstuffs with protein, fats and carbs all included. Although there will be some will-power involved this is a 3-meal a day diet so it is not a fad or fast diet so you won’t go hungry or suffer from cravings.

I have tried every diet going and lose interest very quickly but can honestly say that I stuck to the plan 100% and lost an impressive 8 pounds.

Sadie, March program

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